Investment Strategy Bureau service…. access an objective, interactive and tailored investment strategy, Tactical asset allocation & Strategic asset allocation resource, leveraging off the Strategy Engine platform.

Heuristics provides:

  • Tactical and strategic asset allocation
  • Equity sector strategy
  • Interactive strategy sessions
  • Chartpacks and reports
  • Investment committee membership
  • Bespoke projects and ad-hoc access

StrategyEngine… a central repository for all your economic, financial data and non-numerical data.

Your chartpacks, models, proprietary indicators built in the StrategyEngine, watches are updated and monitored as data comes in. Produce reports and present internally and externally your strategy in a more dynamic and interactive setting.

FixedInterestEngine… a portfolio management system designed for the Australian debt market.

A front office system that incorporates portfolio analysis, dealing, administration and compliance. Customisable to meet process and workflow requirements.

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Recent Post

Heuristics teams with Atchison Consultants

(26 November 2018)

Heuristic Investment Systems has teamed up with Atchison Consultants to provide Strategic Asset Allocation and Dynamic Asset Allocation research and advice to Atchison Consulting clients. Atchison Consultants provides traditional and also innovative independent advice to clients across the financial services industry with specific emphasis on asset consulting, investment consulting and property consulting. Heuristic Investment Systems, formed in 2003, provides dynamic asset allocation, SAA and investment strategy research and advice to a number of industry funds, private wealth managers and fund managers. Heuristics experience and strength in asset allocation, extensive data and analytic tools and systems provides a solid platform for providing our clients with robust investment strategy, said Ken Atchison, founder of Atchison Consulting. Damien Hennessy, co-founder of Heuristics, says Heuristics combines an objective, data driven approach to decision making with asset allocation experience gained over more than 25 years.

Asset Allocation Investment Strategy – July 2018

(31 July 2018)

Investment Summary
Markets have become very much focused on the “late” stage of the US cycle with some suggesting the Fed, and the bond market more so, will eventually be surprised by the rise in wages and inflation…

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