Asset Allocation

Heuristics main focus is on Asset Allocation and investment strategy, working with fund managers, industry funds, asset consultants and planning groups. We deliver tailored and objective asset allocation research, reports and recommendations, leveraging off our StrategyEngine platform. Heuristics provides both strategic and tactical asset allocation advice.

Equity Sector strategy

Heuristics provides equity sector strategy advice and recommendations based on a range of macro, earnings, valuation and technical indicators.Heuristics assists clients in developing a macro framework for equity strategy and formulates indicators for regional and sector equity strategy.

Investment Committee

Using evidence extracted from the proprietary StrategyEngine, HIS provides an objective external source of asset allocation advice to investment committees either as a voting member or as an input to the process.

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Strategy Sessions

Heuristics provide interactive strategy briefings with the client, leveraging off the StrategyEngine (SE) software. Investigate areas of interest and explore investment strategy ideas in asset allocation, sector and stock selection, currencies, commodities, interest rate markets and economics. Using the SE we test and formulate strategy ideas using scenarios, models, events, screening tools, distributions, watches and other analytical tools.


Chartpacks can be customized to meet client requirements. HIS provides Global and domestic economic chartpacks as well as chartpacks on asset allocation, investment strategy, valuations, market extremes, financial stress and others.

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