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Platform for testing, formulating and presenting investment strategies

  • A centralised repository for economic and financial data
  • Analytical tools to test investment ideas and relationships
  • Interactive strategy presentation tool
  • Test investment ideas, relationships
  • Events, modelling, scenario analysis, backtesting
  • Intelligence is resurfaced
  • Interactive strategy
  • Intelligence is surfaced

Efficiencies in managing, utilising data

  • Analytical tools provide efficiency gains
  • A central repository for economic and financial data
  • Charts, models, alerts updated as data is uploaded
  • Series and chart search function
  • Indicators, watches, alerts “bubble” to the surface
  • Avoids risks with spreadsheets
  • Central repository of data
  • Indicators, watches, alerts “bubble” to surface
  • Avoids risks with spreadsheets

SE Capabilities include

  • Chart builder (bar, radar, box-plot, snail trail)
  • Model building
  • Scenario analysis
  • Event impact studies
  • Back-testing strategies
  • Chartpacks
  • Build proprietary indicators
  • Correlation/filter analysis
  • Screening, ranking tools
  • Identify extremes, change

Shares & preserves information

  • Analysis, chartpacks, models shared across team & organization
  • Produces presentations, chartpacks

Create and publish your own economic & strategy chartpacks

  • Quickcharts and tables for meetings
  • Produce chartpacks

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