Fixed Interest Engine

A front office system that incorporates portfolio analysis, dealing, administration and compliance. Customisable to meet process and workflow requirements.

Portfolio Analysis

  • Compare portfolio to benchmark or model using customised analytics matrices
  • Undertake “what-if” analysis
  • Performance, contribution
  • Pre-trade compliance


  • Construct mandate rules
  • Compliance function implemented at front office
  • Pre-trade mandate compliance
  • Prior allocation, deal authorization & rights administration, audit trail

Dealing & Administration

  • Accurately tracks coupons, repayments, maturities
  • Easy set-up of new securities, clients, benchmarks & mandates
  • Implement security, authorisations, “lock down” portfolios

Client Customisation

  • Develop system to support clients workflow
  • Develop and support new analytics
  • Develop and support new securities and processes to allow client specific investment strategies


  • Create customized reports
  • User definable reports such as transactions, holdings, exposures, portfolio display
  • Audit, compliance, returns
  • Exportable to excel

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