Asset Allocation Investment Strategy – September 2017

(31 September 2017)

Global Equities: – Overweight
The continued decline in the G7 Unemployment rate, combined with the elevated US Equity risk premium (based on consensus EPS) suggests there is room for equities to continue to outperform bonds…

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Reports / News

Late Stage US Bull Markets

(12 January 2018)

Our latest report on US economic conditions in the 24 months preceding the peak of an equity bull market.

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Heuristics has new client for Bureau Service – Melling Capital Management

(20 November 2017)

Heuristic Investment Systems is pleased to announce that it is working with Melling Capital Management. Heuristics is providing investment strategy and asset allocation recommendations to the Melling Managed Portfolio Service investment committee on a quarterly basis, as well as a range of regular economic, market and asset allocation related reports and chartpacks.

Market Extremes

(31 August 2017)

Our latest report on extremes, divergence and inconsistencies in markets and economic relationships.

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