Strategy Engine

Your charts, models, proprietary indicators, watches and reports. Our strategy engine.

Platform for testing, formulating and presenting investment strategies.

A centralised repository for economic and financial data

Events, modelling, scenario analysis, backtesting

Analytical tools to test investment ideas and relationships

Intelligence is resurfaced

Interactive strategy presentation tool

Interactive strategy

Test investment ideas, relationships

Intelligence is surfaced


  • Analytical tools provide efficiency gains
  • A central repository for economic and financial data
  • Charts, models, alerts updated as data is uploaded
  • Series and chart search function
  • Indicators, watches, alerts “bubble” to the surface
  • Avoids risks with spreadsheets
  • Central repository of data


  • Chart builder (bar, radar, box-plot, snail trail)
  • Model building
  • Scenario analysis
  • Event impact studies
  • Back-testing strategies
  • Charts
  • Build proprietary indicators
  • Correlation/filter analysis
  • Screening, ranking tools
  • Identify extremes, change

Create, publish and share information

  • Analysis, charts, models shared across team & organization
  • Produces presentations, charts
  • Quick-charts and tables for meetings

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